About Olivado Direct

Olivado Direct is the most economical & sustainable way of enjoying fresh avocado.

Fair for Life

Fair Farming

By using Olivado Direct you are committing to support the global sustainable farming market. Thank you!

Fair for Life - Olivado Direct

53% Female Farmers

53% of the 3,000+ smallholdings we work with are owned by women. Working with Olivado has changed their lives, those of their families, and their wider communities.

Farmer First

Olivado’s Field Team visit the smallholdings 2-3 times per month, building relationships, training the farmers and testing the trees to ensure they are growing the best possible fruits. With full traceability and scientific programmes to predict harvest, advance payments  can be made 2-3 months before harvest if the farmers are in need. For example to pay for new rainwater storage tanks, livestock, school fees, medicines, opticians, make farm repairs and other essentials.

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Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

We all need to make changes to combat climate change. Olivado Direct is an easy way to make a big reduction to your carbon footprint…and enjoy delicious produce.

Biodiverse Farms

Our produce comes from biodiverse farms in Central Kenya practicing Climate Smart skills and protecting biodiversity.

We have a predictive model which measures water content in the trees which are tested up to 3 times per month.

Climate Smart means being committed to water conservation, the farmers only grow avocado in avocado season using only natural rainfall or collected rainwater for irrigation. It also means farming with healthy, untampered, chemical-free soil using organic fertiliser.

Olivado directly eliminates food waste at source through our integrated system including field assessment and harvesting, actively training farmers in regenerative, biodiverse agricultural techniques.

Carbon Neutral - Olivado Direct
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The biofuel plant powering our factory, pack house and truck make us a world first for avocado farming, production and distribution.

Olivado Direct - Carbon Neutral Biofuelled

Cutting Edge Bioenergy

Olivado spent over two years developing a way to make biogas from the avocado waste collected after the production of our avocado oil, then designed a biogas plant to produce the methane that powers our factory and truck. No other company had done this for avocado waste.

The waste from our production process is converted into a rich, organic fertiliser for the small farms we work with.

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Direct Delivery

From Farm to Front Door

How It Works

Slow farming this way is too expensive for high turnover suppliers but delivering straight to you eliminates that cost and means you’re buying the best quality avocado at the conventional supermarket rate.

Delivering directly to you means a stable and sure return to the small farmers and their wider communities. In time the range will expand to our farmers’ other produce including sweet potato, banana and coffee. Delicious!

Refer your friends and pass on the love (and discount) for sustainable, carbon-neutral, small farmer, sustainably grown avocado!

Direct Delivery in the UK
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Ripening Process

Ripening Process

Our avocado are picked at the optimum time to ensure the perfect selection to last you as long as possible.

How ripe will your avocado be?

Your avocado will ripen over 14-16 days, a few after 4-5 days, sixty percent in 5-10 days and the remaining fruit between 10-16 days.

The average market or supermarket avocado is picked too early which means it won’t have mature properly before ripening. That is why it ripens grey or stringy.

Avocado are like no other fruit, they only start to ripen once picked. Instead of sitting in a warehouse for weeks ours are sent directly to you so you have longer to manage their ripening, enjoy them and prevent wastage.

Avocado bruise when they are handled too often. Ours are only handled 3 times before they get to you. Picking, sorting and packing – no unloading or repackaging stages and not at a supermarket to prodded and squeezed by other shoppers.

Avocado should be kept on their own, away from other fruit and in a cool dark place, away from heat and light to ensure they last as long as possible.

If you want to speed up the ripening process put them in a mixed fruit bowl or by a window or warm airing-cupboard.

If you want to slow down the avocado ripening process carefully store some in the vegetable box of a fridge. Check and turn daily until ripe.

Freezing is the only effective method of long-term storage. Mash ripe avocados into a puree prior to freezing because whole or sliced avocados do not freeze well. For best results, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to every two avocados prepared for freezing, to preserve colour. Avocado can be stored this way for 5-6 months! Use thawed avocado in salad dressings, smoothies and guacamole.

Ripening Process
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Olivado Oils

The Olivado journey started in 2000.

Taste the goodness

Our journey has taken us from humble beginnings in Northland, New Zealand to having our oils enjoyed around the world in over 35 countries.

Olivado avocado oil was another world’s first and we are now the world’s largest producer. The Olivado focus is quality, taste and better health for people and for the planet. It is this journey which has led us to bring you fresh avocado, to your home, from the same smallholdings in Kenya.

Olivado avocado oil is available in Waitrose, Sainsburys and many independent health food shops and food stores.

Olivado - Extra Virgin Oils Range
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Olivado are leading the way in the avocado industry with our approach to regeneration, sustainability and utilising all waste to energy. We work hard to leave our communities and environment in a better state than when we started. We are carbon neutral now and we have made a commitment to be carbon positive by 2023. Shop with us and do your part for the planet.